Advantage Ultra 6023 Advanced BP Monitor

  • Advantage Ultra 6023 Advanced BP Monitor
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Feature packed with average mode and PC link for truly consistent readings and ease of use * Measures systolic diastolic pressure and pulse * Smart LogicTM Technology determines ideal inflation level * Automatic inflation and deflation control * MAM AdvantageTM * Average mode automatically averages 3 readings for superior reporting accuracy * Irregular Heartbeat Detection gives you a warning signal at the appearance of an irregular heartbeat * Traffic Light Indicator shows you the range within which the indicated blood pressure value lies compared to National Standards * Advanced 2 zone memory with date and time stamp recalls last 99 readings for two different people * PC Link Analyzer Software connects your blood pressure monitor to your PC to download and print data graphs charts and tables of your readings * USB Cable for easy PC hook-up * Self-adjusting wide range rigid latex-free Adult cuff fits arm ranges from 8.7 to 18.1 (22.1cm to 45.9cm) * Auto-off to conserve (4) AA Batteries (included) * AC Adapter * Deluxe Storage Case

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